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Freelance Photographer and Journalist

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Hi everyone,

I'm an experienced Journalist and Photographer from Sweden who is currently living in Phnom Penh. I have previously worked for the news agency of Sweden, the biggest one in Scandinavia, and I am currently volunteering for the BBC Media Action here in Cambodia.

I'm looking for all kinds of freelance work within the fields of photography and journalism, but I can also do private tutoring in English and Swedish (I have a high level of education in both languages). I also have some experience in graphic design.

If you've got any jobs for me, or any tips or questions, just comment below or email me directly at olleriksson [at] gmail [dot] com thank you!

Olle Eriksson

PS. I'm currently putting together a new version of my website, but here's the link anyway: (there are more contact options and links there, such as LinkedIn, Flickr, Facebook, etcetera).


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