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Experienced Business Executive and Consultant can help you

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Im going move to Cambodia very soon, currently in Phnom Penh for some few days only and then back next month.
Im looking for work in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap where I can give my best from my 18 years
experiences on Chief Executive/GM/Member of Board position.
What I bring with for you and how I can be useful?
• Innovative entrepreneurial and business growth skills.
• Marketing and Sales skills
Events management
• Product & systems development and sales growth.
• Financial management, budgeting, forecasting.
• Leadership, motivational and team management skills.
• Training, coaching and mentoring skills.
• Customer relationships, PR and account management.
I can help you in monitoring and dissolving "bottle neck" moments in your company, designing and implementing quality and service rules, staff management,coaching etc.

My CV is available on request immediately.
Please send me e-mail ene [dot] tohv [at] yahoo [dot] ca or call 0886116102
see you soon! Ene T.


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