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English tutor needed

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Joined: 12-Jan-09
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We would like to help our staff improve their English language skills and are therefore looking for a reasonably
priced English tutor
Many thanks,

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A little more information would help those of us in the teaching English as a second language arena and interested in your post.
Approximately: how many participants / how many class hours per week / where you are located / what industry your business is in.
Thanks - you can call me on 012-711867 if you'd like to discuss this further.

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Joined: 2-Apr-09
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Did you get the English language tutor that you were looking for, or are you still needing an tutor for your business? I have a friend arriving in September who is looking for that type of a teaching job. Contact Robyn on 0979516554

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I may be able to help you. Call Michael 017 452 932. American with years of corporate training and teaching experience. Best of luck.

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Are you still seeking a tutor?

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I am a recent graduate of the LC Asia TESOL program living in PP. I am looking for clients to teach. I lack experience, but am fresh out of school, and anxious to teach.

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I completed a TEFOL course in February and I am looking at doing some volunteer work to gain experience. I am from Australia and will be staying on in Phnom Penh long term. If interested give me a call on 016504637. Tim

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I would love to talk to you about your staff & what you would like them to learn. If you care to talk further, please call me at 077322740 or my email is djfloormatt [at] hotmail [dot] com. My name is Matt. Thank you.

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wasn't this first posted in 2009? 4 years ago? Geez, update your shit, mate.

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I would like to ask if you are still looking for tutor for your staff ?

If so, please contact me: 0884205783, Anne


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