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English language editor needed for weekly newspaper

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A local weekly newspaper is looking for an English language editor. A background in journalism is not required since the role is only language editing for spelling and grammar. Native speakers are sought for the position. The work can be done remotely with the exception of a once a week on site review of the paper before printing so other weekday commitments are ok. If interested please contact me so I can forward your information to the hiring rep. They are looking for someone ASAP since I cannot continue serving in the position due to other full-time work.

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Dear Mrs. RU,

I have been working freelance for three years in Phnom Penh as a French-English translator and English language proofreader and editor. I will be glad to send you my resume if you can provide an e-mail address. If you "Google" me under my full name, you will find the titles of some of my publications, all of which are in English. Some of my articles are on-line. I hold a Ph.D. degree from the University of Minnesota in the United States.

Yours truly,

Florianne Wild
092 459 453

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Hi, I have worked as a journalist in the United States for about five years. Please email me at greenelephant888 [at] yahoo [dot] com.
Thank you.

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Do you have articles that your editor WONT publish? Is there a message you want to get out? Are you misunderstood as a writer? come write for us. As a registered user with the click of a button we can add you as an "Approved Contributor" - that gives you direct publishing rights - Editor permissions also are available to the "right people... Wink

get published.... Smile

Contact Ritchie via the contact form at the bottom of ALL our pages....

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Hi. I am a 25 year old Australian executive assistant who is looking for a change. I have ten years experience in administrative duties, and would be willing to start working ASAP. Please email me at rach [dot] banners85 [at] hotmail [dot] com.

Kind regards,

Rachel Banyard

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Hi, I am a English fundraisier/student.... looking for something for new.... I know this is an old post but just wondered if the position had been taken yet - I'm sure it has but thought I would ask!
If anyone knows of anything similar please also let me know.
Please let me know


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