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Driver available. Excellent refs. No longer availbable, you missed your chance!

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I am leaving Cambodia in April and have a fantastic driver available
What can I say about my driver Visan?
He has worked for us for 3 years, ever since we arrived April 2007.
Initially he was a bit reserved as he discovered us as employers, but it did not take him too long to adapt really well to my ‘odd sense of humour’.
He is totally reliable, honest, with excellent driving skills, not one accident in the whole time we have employed him.
He has driven us to the coast on business and pleasure trips. He has taken guests around, and out of Phnom Penh.
He has respect for all my friends and takes a great interest in all the Project Work I have done with the Women International Group. He has come to several projects’ and assisted in translating and shopping trips.
He does numerous errands, such as photocopying, paying bills, dry cleaning, delivering parcels, organising newspaper deliveries, renewing drivers licenses (for us) popping back to the Apartment when I have left things behind! He was strategic in getting transport for us when we moved within Phnom Penh, helping pack, load unload etc. You name it Visan will always try his best.
He also sms’s me when to let me know when he is going to pick up my husband from work!
He also helped to take care of our Pool.
He takes care of the car when we are away and he also takes the car for regular servicing, reminds us when the discs are due etc.
He is always prepared to work overtime. He speaks very good English.
He also has god references from the French lady who he worked for before us. He took her daughter to school and sports etc.
He is married with 3 children.
He works for us 5 days a week. Monday-Friday. Working hours are supposed to be 7-5.30, but he doesn’t finish work until my husband does, so this can sometimes be later, after he gets overtime.
I have a great respect for Visan and if you would be interested in employing him, please contact me. He will be available from April 15th 2010
Veronica 0121779029

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How good is he if he has god references.
i have been looking everywhere for a driver like this but all I can find is mere mortals....
Does he have a brother?


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