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Driver and maid/cook available

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We will be leaving Cambodia early in October and are looking for employment for:

1. Driver. Good, prudent driver. Decent chap. Shows initiative. Flexible working hours. Runs errands (paying bills, making purchases, post office, etc.). Speaks English (has been attending English classes for more than a year now). Can be trusted with significant sums of money. His name is Makara and he can be reached at 0179-56737.

2. Maid/cook: cooks and cleans. Speaks very little English but is biddable and easy to work with. She is one of a family of 3 sisters who have experience working for expats. She can be taught to cook more Western dishes by her sister, who is good enough to train her (this was an option we chose not to exercise). Her name is Sok Heng and she can be reached at 0975-686704.

As said, we will be leaving early in October but will gladly relinquish any or both of them before that if it means they can find stable employment.

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Do you know if your driver is still available? How much did you pay him? Thank you.


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