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Director of the Center for English Studies

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Director of the Center for English Studies. with University of Cambodia

Job Description
Founded in 2003, the Center for English Studies (CES) of the University of Cambodia provides English language programs, from ESL and FasTrax English to Business English and specialized English. The CES also provides English courses for non-academic programs at all levels. The University of Cambodia is currently looking for a qualified candidate for a position of Director of the Center for English Studies.

The Duties for the position include:
Human resource management: develop schedule for the center; recruit new instructors; monitor and evaluate the performance of the instructors; organize activities for the Center.
Marketing and public relations: develop marketing materials; organize marketing activities in consultation with the marketing department; represent CES.
Program development: review course materials; select textbooks when necessary; develop course outlines and curriculum; develop policy for the Center.
Teaching: Teach a few classes when required; and perform administrative duties.

The Essential Requirements for the position are:
At least an MA degree in education or related field.
Must have a minimum of 4-year working experience in relevant field.

Interested candidates may submit CV, cover letter and other supporting documents to the UC Recruitment Committee, Office of Administration, University of Cambodia

Contact Details
Address : # 143, Norodom Blvd., Phnom Penh
Contact Numbers : 023 993 273 (Office)

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