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Kunthia, our cook/nanny is a single mother and therefore
unable to accompany me on work-related travel as I now
require, hence I am helping her find another job.

Kunthia has worked for us since October 2008. She is
prompt, contentious and honest. She speaks English
very well and has been extremely helpful in translation.
Kunthia has worked effectively with our other staff.

She has lovingly cared for my six month old daughter and
helped entertain my two and a half year old son. Kunthia is
able to cook both Western and Khmer food. Although, I have
never asked her to do so, I have no doubts that she can
follow a recipe.Kunthia will be available Feb 1st. You can contact her
directly at : 012577219, however, please do not hesitate to
contact me should you require any further information.

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How much do you pay her or she's expecting to get? What about the working hours?
Would really like to get more info from you if you can give me ur number or email address. I am urgently looking for someone now. Thanks,


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