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Cleaning Lady with strong ironing skills

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I am looking for a cleaning lady whose main job will be to do laundry and iron clothes. We have a regular cleaning lady who does a good job so she would not need to do any real cleaning, just tidying up one bedroom and making sure clothes are ironed and ready to go (we have a washer and dryer in the house).

Other responsibilities may include picking up some things from the market and if she is a good cook we could certainly look into expanding her role a bit.

If anyone has somebody who is looking for a little extra work this job shouldn't take up much time.


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My maid is amazingly good
has been with me for 4 years very honest Christian lady,has 2 kids of her own and has adopted another 2 .
she speaks english.
she aslo shops for me !
will usually come with her sister or daughter to help out.
You can call her , her name is Annan 099372795
however she lives near the russian market, and is limited to work, anywhere south of the independence monument.

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Hi, I have an amazing maid who mainly does my laundry and some cleaning a few hours a week. She has experience working for expat families for a number of years now. Her family recently moved away from Cambodia, so she is now looking for a new job again. She is a great cook and she can also do some tailor work. She speaks relatively good English. She can work any day during the week. Feel free to call her directly, her name is Malin 012 274 285
If you have any questions for me, feel free to mail me at marjorie [dot] vanstrien [at] gmail [dot] com

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A dryer? As I recall if clothes are folded or hung straight out of the dryer they don't need to be ironed.

Hanging in the sun and breeze to dry does not use electricity and if garments that don't require ironing or if the "still warm" dry laundry management regime is adopted then you will also eliminate energy usage for the mundane and wasteful practice of ironing.

Sun drying also UV sterilizes your laundry. A dryer does not.

Please rethink your laundry drying practices.

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