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Full-time position (non-live-in) Toul Tom Poung area - cleaning cafe/residence & cooking staff meals.

-Non-English speaking or minimal English is okay as Khmer cafe manager will be supervising all work.
-Prefer younger female to avoid any hierarchy/status issues with young Khmer manager.
-Hardworking, reliable and punctual - a must!
-8.30am to 5.30pm Monday - Saturday.
-Two meals per day provided.
-All major Cambodian public holidays as paid leave.
-Salary negotiated depending on experience and ability.

This position would suit a young person from the province wanting to get a start in Phnom Penh who has family/relatives in the local area that they can reside with.
-Please reply by PM or call 017 879403 English/Khmer if you know anyone that this position might suit.


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