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AsiaForm seeks trainers in LYNUX and ORACLE

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AsiaForm is a Limited Liability Company, created in 2001. Our mission is to provide high-quality, relevant, and varied services in the field of IT (software development, web 2.0, website, multimedia presentation). AsiaForm values its roles as a leader on the market, embracing change and responding to the complex needs of its clients.

AsiaForm delivers innovative and adaptive software solutions for the international business community. From our headquarters set out in Cambodia, AsiaForm has achieved an enviable record by successfully delivering offshore development at a competitive price. AsiaForm masters many languages programming such as dot net, Ruby on rails, Java, C++, Flex 2, AJAX, ASP, PHP.

AsiaForm is looking for trainers able to run the trainings below :
- LYNUX basics (3 days)
- LYNUX advanced (3 days)
- ORACLE : general information, database management, SQL (6 days)

If you are interested, please contact alexandre [at] asiaform [dot] net.

Best regards.

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lInux or lYnux ?

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Iceberg... Greenberg... but I'm sure you know that one already


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