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Ace waitress/cashier/supervisor needs job

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Khmer waitress/cashier/supervisor - mid-twenties with impeccable track record - needs job in Phnom Penh.

This girl has several years of experience in both the FCC & Metro - the best places in town. Most recently she worked as a staff supervisor (second in command to the manager).

Good English (even some Thai).

Friendly, hard-working, reliable (needless to say). Lives near the river.

Call her on 017 559 828 if interested.

(Msg me for a reference if desired.)

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Good Morning,

Just got her on the phone, she will send me her cv, then i will meet her.
Did you work with her? if so, could you give me a brief of her main duties and responsibilities?
Thanks for your time,

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Joined: 23-May-08
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No, I have been a customer at Metro for a couple of years - know the owner & staff pretty well.

At Metro she was a waitress, cashier & supervisor. (I think the Supervisor is second in charge under the manager.)

Always did a good job.


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