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:: able print designer wanted

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:: will be working on a number of regular established print publications
:: will be adaptable, and able to turn out creative solutions for a number of international clients at a moments notice
:: will have a full knowledge of working for print, and preferably an awareness of the press industry in cambodia
:: for press we mostly use indesign, Illustrator, and photoshop, you will know these inside out, upside, back to front, and better than me.

to get in the door I will have to see some work, if you are the right person for the job you will be able to get an excellent folio online for me to see;
Please do not contact without having this available for me to see in advance.

This is a full time career with excellent remuneration, impress me.

I have a keen eye for phnom penh washouts
We start at 8 sharp every morning, and we finish when the job is done, every day.

There is a world outside of English teaching in this country, try it.

P.M. your url to me here.


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