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Jl. Gagak No.7 B
Km 7 Gunung, RT.001 RW.002
Kelurahan Malengkedi, Remu Utara
PO Box No.130
Sorong 98416 – Papua Barat

Tel 1: +62(0)811 485 7711
Tel 2:
Tel 3:

The dive resort Raja4Divers is located on Pulau Pef. The private owned island is in the north of Raja Ampat which is part of Indonesias most eastern province West Papua . The island is uninhabitate other than the resort Raja4Divers settled on the west side of the island.

Spectacular bays, hidden lakes, climbable rocky outcrops, limestone 'mushroom' islands with unexplored caves, lagoons and beaches are just a few things you will find on this remote island. Exotic birds and extreme nature, pristine blue mangroves and virgin jungle are waiting for you to be explored. You can even find ancient rock art on karst cliffs. The beauty above water is even toped by the unmatched underwater diversity. The diving resort Raja4Divers on Pulau Pef is surrounded by the world's best dive sites.

With its unique landscape and the enormous richness of nature we call Pulau Pef a Mini Raja Ampat.



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