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My Expat Experience

By: Rick Pursell Posted: June-24-2011 in
Rick Pursell

There we were, sitting very comfortably in an almost finished, spectacular all-timber home in the hills of Perth. Five acres of natural bush, a gaggle of wallabies and other fauna at our doorstep, or to be more precise, nibbling their way through the herb garden!

I recall vividly, sipping a full-bodied red on the decking, watching a stunning set of cumulonimbus clouds turning apricot colour and thinking I had died and gone to heaven.

I mean - life couldn’t get much better than this – could it?

Mountain Biking Philippines

By: GOW Posted: June-21-2011 in

The Philippines is an overlooked treasure of Southeast Asia, but that's due to its remoteness, not for lack of natural gems that range from coral-fringed islands, palm lined white-sand beaches to hot springs and majestic volcanoes. Consisting of more than 7,000 islands between the Philippine Sea and the South China Sea, it would take you years to visit all that the Philippines has to offer, but for some highlights we take you mountain biking on trails that run up and down the base of volcanoes on the main island of Luzon.

Bali and its Villas

By: Nick Ross Posted: June-17-2011 in
Nick Ross

Indonesia’s best-known island, the holiday mecca Bali, is said to be close to tropical paradise. So, Nick Ross took advantage of the cheap airfares to find out if this haven for surfers and holidaymakers is more than just another Costa del Sol. Photos by Nick Ross.

Latin jazz plays in the background as I look over Legian Beach in Seminyak. Surfers ride waves and beachgoers sun themselves on a not-so-sunny, almost white sand beach. I am in Kudeta (think coup d’etat), one of Bali’s most iconic bars. Last night Jose Padilla of Cafe Del Mar fame played his hallmark concoction of beachside lounge music that has helped him sell five million albums.

The Java to Bali Jaunt

By: Will Peach Posted: June-17-2011 in
Will Peach

Travelling overland between two of Indonesia’s best-known islands is easier than you think. But is it worth it? Will Peach traipses over 600 miles to find out.

Despite the lukewarm welcome sign of “Drug Traffickers will be Sentenced to Death,” the feeling of excitement passing the gates at Soekarno-Hatta, Jakarta’s international airport, is building to a satisfying crescendo. It’s early December and the beginning of Java’s wet season. As the bustling capital ploughs along I contemplate my travel plans – 600 miles in the space of a week. That’s how it stands between here and the famous sun-baked beaches of Bali. Here’s hoping I have time to catch the surf.

Fancy a late breakfast? No problem: from sun risers to sundowners everything is served with a smile

By: Jon Stonham Posted: June-15-2011 in
Jon Stonham

Probably like many people, I had always thought private villas were exclusively for the rich and famous; beyond the budget of a mere mortal like me. How wrong was I?

A few years back my family was staying at a well-known resort in Phuket. Following an afternoon by the pool the drinks bill arrived. It was over US$30 for a couple of cokes and lime sodas – a mark-up of almost 600% on prices at the nearby supermarket and probably double those of the local Thai restaurant on the beach. After a week it became clear that room costs were just the start of the holiday expenses: for every dollar spent on accommodation, another was spent on food and drinks.

Private Homes and Villas

By: Private Homes and Villas Ltd. Posted: June-14-2011 in
Private Homes and Villas Ltd.

Private Homes & Villas was born out of frustration and two very grim holidays. I personally have found it extremely difficult to find decent and impartial information on villas to rent. As a result it has gone into ‘the too difficult tray’ and I have stayed in a hotel instead. Now in the absence of anything else we decided to do something about it.

Luang Prabang: Elephant Ride, Trekking and Boat trip with Shangri Lao

By: Thomas Wanhoff Posted: May-24-2011 in
Thomas Wanhoff

You may have been to to Luang Prabang once or twice, but haven't you ever tried to explore the surrounding nature? Shangri Lao offers you now an unforgettable trip - with a lot of luxury included. It is not just that you are in the footsteps of French explorer Dr. P. Neiss, you actually feel kind of like back in the colonial days.

Surf Goddess Retreats, surf and yoga in style

By: Surf Goddess Posted: May-16-2011 in
Surf Goddess

Surf Goddess Retreats is a boutique holiday adventure on the magical island of Bali created especially for women just like you.Perfect for absolute beginner surfers and solo travelers, our retreat provides an enchanting space where you can learn how to surf in a totally positive and supportive environment packed with fun and laughter with your surf sisters!

You’ll also have plenty of time to unwind from the pressures of life and take time to pamper yourself.

Get off the Eaten Track

By: Word Hanoi Posted: April-11-2011 in
Word Hanoi

Bravado in every bite, strength in every sip. A visit to the Snake Village might seem worthy of a brag, but it undermines everything environmentalists are trying to accomplish in this country

For environmentalists in Vietnam, reminders they face a near impossible task are everywhere. However, one particular group expected an Old Quarter bar to be a safe haven.

Throw Momma from the Bamboo Train

By: Charley Bolding-Smith Posted: February-21-2011 in
Charley Bolding-Smith

The Bamboo Train, Battambang

You’ve read about it in the rip-off copy of Lonely Planet Cambodia bought on the Riverside. But have you done it? It’s a train ride after all, and doesn’t the romantic in us all love one of those? Of course, this being Cambodia, it didn’t turn out quite as expected. I’d seen the train featured recently on Lonely Planet’s ‘Roads Less Travelled’ programme on NAT GEO TV. Inevitably the intrepid travel writer found herself riding with the locals. That must have been on a different stretch to the few miles I travelled. A friend who’s taken the trip on several occasions warned me not to expect a truly ‘authentic’ experience. But what were the Police doing there organizing events?


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