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Suspected Pedophile, David Fletcher Arrested in Bangkok

By: Press Release Via SISHA Posted: June-28-2010 in
David Fletcher
Press Release Via SISHA

Following on from last weeks article by the British press, EAS has recently received this press release from SISHA requesting a Call to the Public for information

On Sunday 27th of June
, Mr. David Fletcher, a British national living in Phnom Penh, suspected of child abuses, was arrested at the guest house by Royal Thai Police for immigration offences, specifically failing to notify the Thai immigration authorities of his previous criminal convictions in the UK. Fletcher is currently in a Thai immigration detention centre awaiting a decision from the Thai authorities regarding deportation.

On Wednesday the 23rd of June 2010, media articles were published in Cambodia and other countries which alleged that Fletcher was running a not-for-profit organisation which provided food and medical services to children living in the Stung Meancheay dump site in Phnom Penh. The media articles further alleged that Fletcher was sexually abusing young children living at the dump site.

On Friday 25th of June 2010, as a result of media articles published, Fletcher fled Cambodia and travelled across land into Thailand.

For the past two years, the British Police Child Exploitation and Online Protection team (CEOP), in cooperation with the Cambodia National Police and NGO’s South East Asia Investigations into Social and Humanitarian Activities (SISHA) and APLE have been investigating British national Mr. David Fletcher for alleged sexual abuse of children in Cambodia.

The British Police Child Exploitation and Online Protection team (CEOP), in cooperation with the Royal Thai Police and NGO - South East Asia Investigations into Social and Humanitarian Activities (SISHA), acting on information provided by concerned citizens living in Cambodia, located Fletcher at a guest house in Bangkok.

Call to the Public
South East Asia Investigations into Social and Humanitarian Activities (SISHA), is continuing its investigation into the allegations against Fletcher and asks that members of the community who have information regarding Fletcher and his alleged criminal activity or have been potential victims of his abuse, to please contact SISHA on email investigations [at] sisha [dot] org - by telephone 017 382 877 or via the SISHA online reporting form


You blew it SISHA. After you

You blew it SISHA. After you let him run free for 2 years, he was stopped from abusing children by the "hear say crap." Now, after 2 years in a Thai jail, Fletcher's being sent to Cambodia to do another 10 years in a Cambodian prison.

"Rape charge Brit headed to Cambodia"


Today's PPP

Today's PPP

The extradition process can be painfully slow - but it seems to have worked. Bring in the guilty bastard!!!1

Thailand to extradite UK rape suspect

Monday, 21 March 2011 15:01
Cheang Sokha

THAILAND has reportedly ordered the extradition of a British man wanted in Cambodia on charges of sexually assaulting two underage girls.

David Fletcher, 65, fled the Kingdom last year after the British tabloid The Sunday Mirror alleged that he was using a charity he had founded, the Rubbish Dump project, to gain access to young girls at the Stung Meanchey dump site in Phnom Penh. He was arrested in Thailand in June on immigration charges, and in August, the Cambodian Government announced that it was filing an extradition request to have Fletcher returned to face charges of raping a minor.

A court in Thailand ordered Fletcher’s extradition on Friday, according to the Bangkok Post. Fletcher reportedly asserted his innocence at the hearing, telling the court that the charges against him in Cambodia had been fabricated because “he had been in conflict with a group of influential people in Phnom Penh since he did not cooperate with them in a money-laundering scam”, the Bangkok Post stated.

Samleang Seila, director of the child rights group Action Pour Les Enfants, said Fletcher was set to stand trial at Phnom Penh Municipal Court on March 31 for allegedly raping two underage girls. Cambodian and Thai officials are still in the process of arranging Fletcher’s return, Samleang Seila said.

Fletcher was also convicted on child sex charges in the United Kingdom in 1997. Following the publication of the Sunday Mirror article last year, he denied the allegations against him and accused the media of exploiting his past.

“I made a mistake of having an affair with a girl a few months under age,” Fletcher said in an email. “The gutter press then as now took it out of context for greater circulation.”

Fletcher added that he had “paid his dues” for his mistakes and denied committing any crimes in Cambodia. “As for using the dump to get access to girls, absolutely not,” he said.

Officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Interior could not be reached for comment yesterday.


lets move on

hey andrew your totally correct with what you say and did, kim mann you are the biggest waste of space, we all know your real name issac the nerd that wants to argue with the world. grow up issac and find yourself,


What about

G.A. Corbett? Is anyone keeping tabs on that guy?


I totally agree ML - as I've

I totally agree ML - as I've indicated previously I'm not in the business of tracking down paedophiles, but have had an unfortunate face-to-face encounter with one (now convicted Perry).

I was going to write earlier about Fletcher and Kim Mann, but decided to hold off. I checked with people in the know in this business and they said they had no knowledge of Kim Mann. Mind you, this was at a fairly senior level, but you'd expect that they'd know. I know for a fact that some well-meaning NGOs tracking down Western paedophiles hire investigators who sometimes turn out to be frikn f@#kwits. Kim Mann is one. Whoever has employed him needs to do some immediate counselling. I hope it's not APLE!!!!!

A person who writes such drivel as Kim Mann has is not an investigator. He shows a total lack of knowledge of professional investigative techniques, of the processes involved with international crime and total lack of disregard of the 'potential' victims involved. In short he is a total idiot!!!!!

Kim Mann - your efforts have done fuck-all. There are professional law enforcement people out there whose efforts are not always recognised because they work in a political system. But they will achieve much more than you can ever imagine. Take your inane drivel and find another job - if you haven't already been fired!!!!

Let's hope Cambodian authorities do something about Fletcher.


KimMann is a dickhead. He was

KimMann is a dickhead.
He was a defender of fletcher and in business with him.
KimMann is an adopted khmer american and a dickhead.
A few months ago he rode up on a moto outside my garage when i was with two aussie mates who had contributed about a thousand dollars to fletchers tip fund.
He asked if we knew anything of fletch and I said hang on mate,you used to defend him.
KM said that we should have left everything to the khmer police to which I responded that the khmer police are totally useless and always do nothing.
He then called a racist f%*cing c&*t and that i should f#ck off from his country.
Hmm,I have a khmer wife and family and live here permanently,this just doesnt wash.
i suggested that he should leave before i took some retribution upon his sad little face.
My two well meaning aussie mates were gobsmacked by KMs abuse.
He is just a weasel.



Then again perhaps our resident expert KimMann can help out Smile


Fletcher update

I'll check. Technically the Cambodians had 60 days to get their act together and that has long since gone.


I understand that there are

I understand that there are efforts to bring him to court here. That will be up to the Cambodians. But Cambodian-Thai relations are not exactly conducive at the moment!!!


any updates on David Fletcher?

any updates on David Fletcher?

user avatar Anonymous

Well said....

Andrew Drummond.

Thankfully that nasty freak, Fletcher, has been caught!!

Sadly, on to the next one... Sad


We did not shack hands twit

Kim Mann please do not post when your are drunk and everyone else is sober


I think I hit a nerve. We did

I think I hit a nerve. We did shack hands Drummond. And we'll do it again. Go find your fame elswhere. Don't feel back for you mess up own up to it.


Who are you kidding Kim Mann?

Kim Mann,
This letter is pure emotional claptrap and somebody so riled up should not be allowed to hold down any position investigating child sexual abuse, which you suggest you do. You claim that you would have caught Fletcher within a week, and you claim you would have caught Glitter and would have done him.
Yes, I did chase Glitter out of Cambodia and yes I did track him down in Vietnam. He was not about to be done in Cambodia as you say. His best friend and neighbour (they were in each houses all the time) was a former Cambodian Minister. But of course you knew that didn't you?
Had you done any research you would have known that as long as twenty years ago, while also being a journalist I was in the Coalition to Fight Child Exploitation.
Much of your post is a purile and ignorant ramble. Do families sell their children for sex in other countries? Yes. But your News of the World example is hardly symptomatic. And wait a minute why quote from newspapers you say are bs anyway?
The fact is that while Fletcher was being investigated in Cambodia - everybody, but everybody knew about it including of course Fletcher. Some investigation! At the same time he was feeding his 'potential' victims and their families.
So you want to catch him in the act. Is this before of after penetration?
Oh apparently after, as you want to take pictures of it too so to 'show the whole village that God David, is the devil!' Are you stark raving mad? In most cases the parents and sometimes half the village already know whats going on.
If Fletcher had been 'caught' by the likes of you any subsequent trial would be a Comedy of Errors.
If you are a policeman, an unlikely scenario, you should not be doing the job you claim you are doing., If you are an ngo, again I HOPE an unlikely scenario, you should not be in Cambodia.
If you are just the nutter up the road please take a couple of Dormicons.
Your language leaves a lot to be desired and suggests you are somewhat of a lowlife yourself.
I don't need the 'fam' btw.
Meanwhile I think it is time for the NGOs in Cambodia to inform us whether they actually know 'Kim Mann' or not. Anybody out there?


Andrew you're not a father

Andrew you're not a father you're a man chasing after fam as a reporter. Children around the world and yes including yours will not be safe unless these men are in prison. You don't understand Glitter and Fletcher. I was here during Glitter's stay and even back then was pissed off that he was chase out before we got him. Unless you give up everything to chase and hunt so you can protect children, to eat with these men, be their best buddies, spend night and days,months and years. Meeting their family and see the daughters that you know he's hurt. And smile at him shake his hand and say your the coolest dad!!! You !Will never!Understand!. Imagining if those kids were mind what would I do as a father? Think? Would you sit still if you have their kind of addictions? Knowing that the only thing that keeps you from doing it again is prison. And even so if caught you'll get out in 2 or maybe 3 years good behavior and you government/family will help you get home. You said get a grip. You know where my grip would like to be after it's around David? In your last right up you accused the cambodian people of selling children. Here's a section from the BBC news
" She told the News of the World that she had met the artist aged 14 when he invited her on stage and she sang a song with him.
The woman claimed that the friendship, which was encouraged by her parents, developed into a sexual relationship."
" which was encouraged by her parents" This is the UK!!!Mr Andrew you should know this, as an educated man, human trafficing is not just in a 3rd world country!!! Where the poor are in need and will do anything to have some or keep up with the Jones cause their neighbor has a Lexis. Or worst to save faces. And the saving faces is the worst why. Think again he's been here over4 years!!! You think what he has told me is not true?The little girls that david was messing with and his fiance will not come out to say that the hand that fed them also had bitten them as well. Have you gone back to walk and talk with the families that knows me and sees me with David. They still see him as a God!!! I look at their children's face and I see that they want to speak but the parents gives them the look of " Shute up!!!!"To these people, face is all they have. That's why we needed to catch him in the act. Knowing David he loves girls and the good young ones he goes back to again and again. He moved out of his bar and had his own place with a small alley way. Not in public like the bar. If you would of give me!!! If not another six month just two!!! Just two short months. He will go back to his victims. Then like many others. We will save her and bring back the pictures to show the whole village that "God" David is the devil. Then for sure others will come out. Then the court will not be able to move but to do what is right. Cause I see it every time we catch these men. The best is in the act. Also one thing I know about this country, is that these people may kill eachother. But if a foreigner hurts his country men they will come together. To fight a common enemy they will gather. They may even kill that enemy!!! Don't mess with a country with PTS. But I want him in prison.
For me prison is only to hold him. Keep him away from your children and others,so he's older, maybe to old to call for a girl. Then he'll suffer knowing that he didn't fullfill his dream of dying with his dick in a vagina. But in his own hands. And he might get lucky and go back to spend more time in prison in the west. I heard that the west they love Peds and love to do them up the bum. Now that is justice!!! And Mr. Hero Andrew. I have one question for you! And for those that still thinking chasing David out of the country is still a good idea. Are you holding Glitters hand right now while he's reading this, while searching the net for child porn, and planing his next move on forefilling his addiction and fantasy? Good Job Andrew and that goes for you too Mr. Scott Neeson
Oh wait you said ,"well not until someone did a proper investigation'' I'm sure that was not by you.
Oh also as for the CEOP. They were busy taking a drink at Elsewhere last I saw them? They know shit!!! They show up when the show is over. Here's the finger to you too!!!!
Many moons ago I stood with men and women and swear to protect and serve. Now in my 50s I kept to my promise. If idiot like Andrew don't get in the way. Damn!!!


Get a grip Kim Mann 2

And by the way when together with a photographer colleague I caught Gary Glitter in Vietnam he had not committed an offence there either, well not until someone did a proper investigation.


Get a grip Kim Mann

There are no heroes here. I am merely doing my job and in doing so informed CEOP several days before publishing. It is not CEOP procedure to allow juveniles to be sexually abused while they gathered the evidence. They did however inform me that while they were aware of Fletcher they had no evidence to prosecute in Cambodia and subsequently complimented me on the action I took. This may have taken the shine off Cambodian ngos but that never was the intention. At the moment Fletcher is in the worst jail in Thailand and appears to wish to return to the UK. That is absolutely fine by me. In the UK another victim has come forward and there are videos and photos (taken by Fletcher) on file.
Your suggestion that my children might be abused by Fletcher (voiced as something of a hope) is not going to happen as he will not be freed to do so, and if he were free would not get within a mile of them. And it goes without saying that I will not sell them for a couple of hundred bucks.
Laos which is equally poor does not have a problem with foreign child abusers.


And again you got to think?

You got to think also thanks to those wanna bee reporters that made him into a god. It stopped Dave from running to another country and would of give the police/NGOs more time to gather all the victims. Let Dave bring them to the victims or find the victim so they can be help. If Andrew/British Press haven't tried to be a hero and leave the right people to do their jobs. He would of been sitting in Cambodian prison for 10 to 15 years before sent home. Now they are running around trying to find anything to bring him back to Cambodia. And when he does get back to England I'm sure he'll find some way to hurt little kids. And maybe he'll go looking for Andrew's Drummon's kid. Andrew ,You messed it all up!!!!
Because of you the arrest was premature!!!! You idiot!!!

user avatar Anonymous

We feel so stupid

Last year my husband, myself and our 4 daughters spent the year travelling and spent about a month in Cambodia. While staying in a gues house we saw an advert asking volunteers to go to the dump and feed the kids. We thought this sounded great

user avatar Jul

To all the Journos and

To all the Journos and Reporters, an "wannabee's" who have published "glowing" reports about David Fletcher (this includes anyone else who is like him) have contributed to the exploitation of underage girls in Cambodia and other nations around the world.

There are many websites that have published Fletcher's story and made him appear virtually "God-like" helping the poor and saving lives when in actual fact he is a relentless abuser of young girls.

Before you publish a story that makes a person look so wonderful to the general public, do the research and check the background of these people.

Just a few months ago Fletcher had openly told a friend who had stopped by the BAR he ran, "i only like young girls", and then my friend witnessed how Fletcher operated in a covert manner to hide getting the girls from the authorities. This was immediately reported to APLE who confirmed Fletcher was being monitored because of reports about his indecent behaviour with young girls.

I wonder how many of you reading this now have seen activity that could have helped prevent a young girl from being abused and exploited?

I had warned the guys at FPJ (foreign policy journal) about Fletcher in early May 2010 but they didn't investigate him and as a result they allowed the GLOWING STORY of David Fletcher they had published to continue on their website, thus contributing to the abuse and harm of more young girls by Fletcher. It's only since the BRITISH PRESS published how Fletcher has a criminal record for sex offence with a 15 year old girl that FPJ has removed the story they originally published about Fletcher and the children and families at the Stung Meanchey Dump in Phnom Penh.

It's time the media took responsibility for the stories they publish.


You should make a PUBLIC APOLOGY to the Victims and their families, publish it in a prominent location on your HOMEPAGE where everyone can easily see and read it for the next 12 months, then hang your head in shame!


If you can help.

To avoid children at risk. If you can help by getting the western government to not allow these men/women to leave and get the government of cambodia to stop allowing men/women like these in the courtry that would help. Also if you can get visitors to not exploit the uneducated/money hungry people of this nation that would also help. Men like David are allowed to be here. If they've done their time? We can only watch them. Like David Fletcher likes to say "Welcome to Scambodia".


Off the record my butt!!!!

Many road leads to hell paved with good intentions. Nothing could of happen 2 years ago. No one had the balls to show their face with the evidences. Hear say stuff on khmer 440, Spanish news papper, then now the UK mirror will make men run. If people want to help. Report and leave NGOs and police to do the work.They need a victim to put him/her away for long a time. Sometime that may mean these guys needs to be followed to find the victim. Hope that he'll be caught with old victim so he or she can be help and hope he is caught before he hurts the victim again. Even so if the victim say nothing the police have nothing.You don't need to be a millionair to get out of trouble. Best to catch them red handed and with all of the evidence. So no open doors for the court to give a lesser sentence due to exchange of money. And even so if the victim say nothing the police have nothing. Welcome to our world!!! Please don't make it harder for us to do our job!!!! See something, report it and go pray to Allah,Jesus, Budda or whatever god you worship to give us strenght to do our work. And shut the @#$$% up!!!


So, off the record, was there

So, off the record, was there anything going on with this guy, after a couple of years undercover you must have formed an opinion.
It seems to me the outcome is pretty positive.
He'll very likely be deported from Thailand, and as we saw with Glitter, that probably means he'll be forced back to the UK, where he can be controlled, possibly have his passport confiscated, and so on.

Yeah, you didn't get your conviction though.

This could all have happened a couple of years ago, and avoided putting children at risk. Presumably you were aware of his underage conviction? Whatever you say, sufficient tea money would have got him deported, just on technicalitues, I'm sure you know he wasn't a millionaire.



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user avatar Anonymous

and when will they crack down on locals abusing their own

In Sihanoukville some years back I had a nice chat with a hotel owner who told me that she must immediately report suspected cases of under age hanky panky... she then went on to say that it was an unsaid rule that she kept her mouth shut when locals did it, especially the elite... lest she may end up less one hotel...


I agree there hush hush on

I agree there hush hush on the big shots stuff but also there are many more cases that the athorities have acted upon. Read the papers!!!! We deal with all. We'll get those big shots. Give us some time... We'll get them. Cambodia have enough ped in country so we don't want more from the west!!! I wish people like the lady would care for more about the children then her business. But also be in her shoes what would you do? I would lose my business then hurt a child. But others don't think like me or you. Where's the guest house what's the name? I'll be her next best friend.

user avatar Anonymous


Are they aware that to avoid the police in the UK he acquired a false passport and was prosecuted accordingly.
pro bono publico


Is there a law that allows

Is there a law that allows Cambodian authorities to deport suspected offenders as they do in Thailand?


Law on Immigration from

Law on Immigration from
Article 35:
The Minister of Interior shall order every immigrant alien who violates the provisions of this Law expelled from the Kingdom of Cambodia.
Article 36:
The Minister of Interior shall have power to order every alien expelled who:

1. is participating in an activity or behavior dangerous to the national security of the Kingdom of Cambodia; dissident to the national security of the Kingdom of Cambodia, according to specific evidence collected by the ministries with the appropriate jurisdiction; working in the territory of the Kingdom of Cambodia without a labor or working card.


Two Years at Risk?

Did the British Police Child Exploitation and Online Protection team (CEOP), Cambodia National Police and NGO’s South East Asia Investigations into Social and Humanitarian Activities (SISHA) and APLE know that Fletcher had a prior conviction for sexual assault in the UK. If so why did they not use that as a basis for getting him deported from Cambodia. Why wait two years to try and catch him committing further abuses here and put Cambodian children at risk?

user avatar Anonymous

You should ask the supreme court judges that made the law

We can't arrest anyone with out a victim!!!!!

user avatar Anonymous

Waiting two years?

Actually knowing someone has committed offences and getting them deported on that basis is not straightforward here... even offenders who commit offences in Cambodia are not necessarily deported. The law does allow for that but despite this, judges do not always use this power. There have actually been recent cases here local and International NGOs have successfully lobbied Government to do just that - as in the case of the Belgian abuser Dessart last year. There is a lot going on behind the scenes to make this a more common and likely outcome.

user avatar Anonymous

You probably do not know

You probably do not know Cambodia. They do not care... Money = Safety


Don't open your mouth if you don't know the whole story

I worked my ass off to catch over 20 men from the west that are messing with the children in my country last year. You think I and my men don't care. Where were your countries government ? They were allowed to leave your western countries and entered mind. Think before you open your mouth!!! And including David. No thank to The UK mirror and Kr 440 for talking crap so he left the country and made my job harder. Two years is nothing I'll wait a life time and continue to be his friend to put these men in prison!!! To gather enough evidence to make sure they go to prison a long time. Now they have to find a victim that will talk!!! I hope we find one or charge him or with something else, then hear say crap that the media blasted just to make a name for themselves!!!! A year and a half and they messed it all up!!!


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