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Who is Cash Money?

By: EAS Staff Posted: August-16-2010 in
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EAS Staff

All the way from Philadelphia in the US of A, DJ Ca$h Money rinsed Riverhouse Cambodia this weekend, but Who is Cash Money?

DJ Cash Money (born Jerome Hewlett) is a Philadelphia-based American turntablist, hip-hop artist, and record producer. He was the first inductee into the DJ Hall of Fame.

Hewlett studied engineering at college, but soon shifted his focus to the turntables. He adopted his DJ moniker from the phrase "there's the money shot", which people would yell whenever he threw the ball into the net while playing basketball.

Among his inspirations Cash Money lists Grandmaster Flash and Grand Wizzard Theodore, whom he saw in the early 1980s, while artists who count him among their own inspirations include British DJ Fatboy Slim.

He and Jazzy Jeff both emerged from the Philadelphia hip hop scene in the late 1980s. They shared a friendly rivalry and DJ'd parties together as the Kings of Spin.

Cash Money perfected the Transformers scratch (along with Jazzy Jeff) which mimicked the robotic sound effects from the mid-80s television cartoon series of the same name.
[He is also credited with creating the Pee Wee Herman scratch and pioneering the Chirp scratch (aka the Babuggamas scratch).

In 1988, he partnered with MC Marvelous (born Marvin Barrymen) and released the single, "Ugly People be Quiet" (co-produced by Herbie "Love Bug" Azor) and the album, Where's The Party At? on Sleeping Bag Records.
Cash Money has also produced and remixed tracks for artists such as Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes and Public Enemy.

Source: Wiki
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I don't understand your

I don't understand your reference to "First use of a transformer scratch on vinyl" - what else where they going to be using??


As apposed to the first use

By on Vinyl I'm referring to it being part of a recording
As apposed to the first use on stage.

user avatar Anonymous

nice one

Well said and supported, the music scene in Cambodia is pretty bad, most people either don't care or are un-educated in music (and I am talking about the Expats more than the Khmers).

The only time the scene will really start to develop is when the country moves away from supporting really bad commercial R&B thinking that they are listening to Hip Hop. Hip Hop is very much alive and kicking but you will not hear it in Cambodia - Period.

Even the more established Khmer D.J's are stuck in a rut but are responsible for keeping the scene from moving forward. They keep playing the same old rubbish, you know the tunes you have heard 100 times over the last few years. Until the D.J's step up and take control, the scen will always be stagnant.

All Hip Hop D.J's in Cambodia.....c'mon guys do you Job and introduce new music or you will be left behind.......Bye Bye !

user avatar Anonymous

Issues with Wiki definitions.

Ok Cash money is amongst 3 or 4 people credited with coming up with the transformer scratch.
The main argument has always been between DJ Jazzy Jeff and DJ Spinbad.
I think the majority of people in the know probably opt for Spinbad who by all accounts developed the scratch using up-faders (volume controls) where as Jazzy Jeff was renowned for using the cross fader to a similar effect.

A lot of people give the invention of the scratch to Jeff because he was apparently the first one to use it on vinyl. This is also untrue as the first use of a transformer scratch on vinyl goes to Grand Dragon K.D (At the time DJing for Steady B also from Philie).

Jeff's first use on Vinyl was in fact the first time the scratch had been referred to as a transformer, (by none other than Will Smith, remember when he was the fresh prince?)

Cash Money is in fact officially credited with "helping to invent" the scratch.
Which basically means he was one of the first 10 DJs using it.
He was also responsible for bringing it to the UK for the DMC DJ Championships in 1988.

However it has also been reported that people like the UK's own DJ Pogo amongst others, had already been using the scratch for years but just hadn't given it a name.

Problem with Wiki is it's too easy to change details/overlook things.
I think the truth would all come out if someone just simply posed the question to Cash Money, "did you invent the transformer scratch?"
If his answer was anything other than a resounding yes then we all know the answer.

In terms of him performing in Cambodia I imagine it was just another gig and I'll bet he banged out the same music he has done for the last however many years.

Simply because he would have known for a fact that people don't really care.

I personally didn't go to the event so if I'm wrong then feel free to tell me because believe me if you were wrong I'd tell you.


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