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Vintage - The Past Begins Now...

By: Charley Bolding-Smith Posted: March-11-2011 in
Vintage opening flyer
Charley Bolding-Smith

‘Vintage’ is a new retro and vintage shop in the Russian Market, created by three expatriate friends – Gino, Balazs and Archibald - with a love of Khmer culture. The shop reflects the current interest in the ‘Sixties Khmer cultural scene, and the owners belief that this is just as relevant a part of the country’s heritage as the ubiquitous Angkorian artifacts you’ll find elsewhere in the market.

In common with the West, Cambodia experienced a counter-cultural revolution during the 1960’s. A thriving psychedelic music scene was pioneered by Pan Ron, Ros Sereysothea, and, most famously, Sinn Sisamouth. For Khmer cinema, too, this was its ‘golden age’ with over 300 productions during the decade. The shop’s principal influences come from this period, the essence of which the partners in the business want to preserve for Westerners and young Cambodians alike.

The destruction wrought during the Khmer Rouge regime means that many of the original artifacts of the period have been destroyed. To bring the wonderfully melodramatic movie posters of the era to a modern generation, ‘Vintage’ are working with the Kon Khmer Kam Khmer artist collective to supply accurate reproductions, repainted young Khmer artists (a portion of the profit goes to 4K). The musical offerings presently available include CD’s by the superb Cambodia Space Project, and vinyl from Dengue Fever.

Reflecting the eclecticism of the concept, visitors can also expect to find Klap Ya Handz hip hop items, original 1980’s ‘ghetto blasters’, t-shirts inspired by the urban identity of Phnom Penh, original postcards, and more. 'Vintage’ offers something different from most other places in the market, and will be appreciated by both expatriates accessorizing their home, or tourists who want something a bit different.


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