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My life after death rumour

By: Moeung "Viva" Veasna & Rattanak-Tee Leang Posted: July-21-2009 in
Suon Pheakdey - aka - VJ Ano- Photos - Vuth Sovin Chem
Moeung "Viva" Veasna & Rattanak-Tee Leang

Throughout a person’s life, there are many chances and opportunities for an individual to secure fame.

It can be from an inherence of wealth, collective life experiences, or simply being in the right place at the right time. Needless to say, opportunities of generating such fame might also bring the influx of negative connotations, and the person either knows how to prepare for such incursion and turn a negative into an absolute positive, or just simply going with the vicious cycle of having to live through an inherited inner-bleeding of mental embarrassment.

A resemblance of such equivalence falls in the limelight of an Entertainment icon known to the Phnom Penhian’s and to the fans in West as Suon Pheakdey, also known as [VJ Ano.] VJ Ano entered into the Entertainment Industry scene at the tender age of nine-years old and has kept a very busy lifestyle to say the least. VJ Ano moved up the ranks of stardom and rapidly became a household name by the time she had reached her teenage years. “I was working so hard before I got into the real business today,” says VJ Ano at an exclusive interview with Khmer Celebrities Community.

Pressures from all avenue of the industry can sometimes prove to be detrimental to those involved in the profession, but VJ Ano continues to stay focus and remain an all-inclusive yet wholesome well-addressed women. “I have never considered myself as a celebrity because I’m a very down-to-earth kind of girl,” says the 28-year-old beauty. Her humble ambience coupled with her ability to communicate seamlessly across television networks such as TV 5 Cambodia and other noted network like TV 3 proves how well composed she presented herself. In addition to her knack for the profession, she was once and can even still be proven of having been a tomboy-like character as evident by her masculine nickname (Ano). “It sounds funny, but I think I’m also a tom-boy kind of girl. But I’m totally into guys,” exclaims VJ Ano.

"I'm a very down-to-earth kind of girl. Simplicity would do well for me."

Notwithstanding her celebrated profession as host for TV 5 Cambodia and TV 3, she also graced the runway in a fashionable sense on printed spreads in such leading Phnom Penh magazine such as Ladies Magazine, Top Magazine and other similar prints. Her affection for the camera extended even further when she made special guest appearance with local recording production firm Hang Meas and had contracts with contending recording companies such as KH Promotions, and Reaksmey Stoeung Sangke.

Most would often conjecture on the fabrication of what the industry does to someone and how that alteration of simplicity becomes a web of porcelain-like dolls. “I have nothing to do with my beauty which has been real and natural…I think my face and body is perfect for me. I don’t need anything changed,” says VJ Ano in a polite manner. Sometimes it’s just hard to fathom the idea of being enclosed in an industry that is so wrapped up with artificial headlines and to come across the very few who are not labeled under such stigma-sometimes, you have to see it to believe it and given the opportunity with VJ Ano, Khmer Celebrities can assure you that she not only spoke of the truth of her beauty, but graciously carried herself well.

As with the suggestions have gathered about the supernatural life of the industry, there might come a time when superficial meets genuine obscurity. An example of this comes into play during November of 2007 when a vicious rumor mill was turning headlines both on a local level and also spreading like wildfire across the shining seas. The notion of having been razorblade sliced more than 83-times (or razors) by all means spur some immediate raising of eyebrows and sorrow for the affected. Coincidentally, rumors of VJ Ano not only made the acclaimed star more confined within herself, it had also made her popularity ratings skyrocketed! “I think I should be thankful for the person who started it because it got me into the spotlight even more. It kind of made me be well-known more internationally. I guess everybody loves being in the spotlight,” VJ Ano replied in simple exclamations.

"I'm not dead and I'm stronger."

VJ Ano has made an amazing climb up the ranks in the Entertainment and fashion industry and continues to prove how stronger she has become throughout the years, and even through the tabloids of her “Death Rumor.” It’s no surprise that we will continue to see VJ Ano in the spotlight and will follow her progress as she continues to amaze her fans with her flare of natural beauty and curve appeal for the camera.

"I'm here alive and healthy."

As an all inclusive bonus to’s promise in bringing you resources to fulfill your curiosity, the complete interview with VJ Ano has been provided for your viewing pleasures. Once you finish your examination of the interview, you will also see for yourself how humble and thankful VJ Ano really is.

[K'Celeb] - Hello! How have you been doing lately?

[VJ Ano] - Thank you for asking. I’m in a good place for myself right now. I am only a bit busy with some personal stuff besides entertainment-related works. You know I’m really happy to be interviewed for a Khmer community for the first time.

[K'Celeb] - I first encountered your name several years ago when you entered into the entertainment world by being a VJ on a national television. What is it like competing with other stars as a newcomer?

[VJ Ano] - Counting to my fingers, I’ve been 9-years of my active career in the industry. I began so well being a VJ for TV5 Cambodia. For the very first time in my life, I felt so blessed that I could have a chance to do what I always wanted to do. Becoming someone you didn’t think you could do was so unbelievable for me. At that time, there were so many newcomers. I was working so hard before I got into the real business today. It was so challenging, not with other stars, but with my struggling life before. After all, I have never considered myself as a celebrity because I’m a very down-to-earth kind of girl. Simplicity would do well for me.

[K'Celeb] - You are now well-known as VJ Ano. Is it your real name?

[VJ Ano] - Ano is a tom-boy kind of name. But it’s my real childhood nick name; actually. My real name is Suon Pheakdey. I know it’s a boy’s name also. And VJ Ano (sometimes I even hear people calling me DJ Ano but I’ve never been one) came from the activity I was doing at TV 5 Cambodia. So I guess I go well by this name.

[K'Celeb] - What made you think you were more famous?

[VJ Ano] - Being a VJ at TV 5 Cambodia didn’t really make me as famous as I am today. I changed the workplace as becoming a TV host at TV 3 for a weekly concert and other talk shows which were bigger in the industry. I also appeared in some music videos by local recording companies such as Hang Meas, KH Promotions, Reaksmey Steoung Sangke, etc. By then, I was getting to be better known then being a VJ. I also began modeling on some occasions and was even appearing on local fashion magazines such as Ladies Magazine, Top Magazine and many local tabloid magazines. Even though these things happened, I still wouldn’t think I’m as famous as many other fellow stars.

[K'Celeb] - I heard that when you were younger, you were sort of a tom-boy-type of girl. Is that true?

[VJ Ano] - Both of my nickname and real name tell all. When my mother was pregnant of me, the whole family wanted a boy. My grandfather always got this Ano name and I remember him telling me that it was part of a famous Japanese soldier. So everyone got surprised by me not being a boy when I was born, but they still got me a boy’s name. It sounds funny, but I think I’m also a tom-boy kind of girl. But I’m totally into guys. (Laughs!!)

[K'Celeb] - Now you’ve grown into a beautiful young woman. Is your beauty natural?

[VJ Ano] - Thank you very much. That’s something sweet to say. I guess everyone is beautiful in their own terms, and I have nothing to do with my beauty which has been real and natural. I’m a girl who loves to stay as fit as possible. Due to my tight schedule, sometimes I don’t even have time to work out, but I do it twice a week. I don’t deny using the beauty products, but who doesn’t these days? (Laughs)

I think my face and body is perfect for me. I don’t need anything changed. (Smile)

[K'Celeb] - Last November, rumors were surprisingly driving around that you were dramatically “tortured” by having 83 razors cut all over the place. How did it feel when you first heard it?

[VJ Ano] - It still shocks me somehow less. It really was a very bad rumor. I don’t even know if I should deny it because I didn’t even know when I was tortured with such. The person who started it knew well that it was a lie so I don’t have to say it again that this “thing” didn’t happen. You know, I think I should be thankful for the person who started it because it got me into the spotlight even more. My name appeared in most media for many weeks, Khmer and English languages and websites. It kind of made me be well-known more internationally. Don’t you think? (Laughs) I guess everybody loves being in the spotlight. So it could be a good thing to have yourself in the tabloids once in a while.

[K'Celeb] - I couldn’t help but wonder why people have to circulate such a bad rumor. But such rumor made you into those tabloids and made you even more famous. People got to talk about you more and more of the sorrow. Is your life affected by that eventually after?

[VJ Ano] - As I was stating previously, the rumor made me into the spotlight for a few weeks. To be honest, at first my reaction was a total piss off. But then I realized that the person who started the lie was crazy or might have been jealous of me for some reasons. But thankfully, I’m not dead and I’m stronger. I don’t have a reason to be so deadly tortured by someone. It would be so scary if I was cut into pieces by 83 razors. I think even one razor would kill me badly if you do it right. (Laughs)

And when people kept asking me about the haircut, so I sort of asked them back like should we have a reason just for a haircut? No, I don’t think. I love being in trend. Shorten your hair once in a while could be catchy and the change is great. You don’t have to look the same through the years. I don’t like that.

So eventually, now my life has been affected by such rumor. In a good way, though. I’m more famous and people talk a lot about me. But like I said in the beginning, I’m in a good place for myself now. So basically I’m happy. (Smiles)

[K'Celeb] - But people said you were suffering to death soon after.

[VJ Ano] - Yeah there’s this and that and you’re dead once you’re still alive. It’s so funny. You have to be killed or stop breathing to be dead, right? But I’m here, alive and healthy.

[K'Celeb] - Now that you’re not “Dead” and being very healthy as I see. Do you plan a hit comeback?

[VJ Ano] - I do plan a comeback. But as for now, I’m taking time off. I really wanted to do that even before the death rumor. So far, I’ve only made an appearance once on TV 3’s talk show hosted by Kung Socheat and Chea Vibol. Everybody got surprised by that.

Now I have to do some personal business and I’m taking a holiday with my family on a tour overseas and will probably be back soon after our trips.

[K'Celeb] - I am honored that you agreed to appear on our very first issue of the publication. Our interview will answer to all the questions about the rumors and it is effectively saying that now you’re back. Do you wish to add anything that you aren’t asked?

[VJ Ano] - No, I am very happy and honored to be interviewed by your Community. I can’t wait to see the first issue! The photo shoot was really fun and I enjoyed the entire session. I haven’t seen the pictures yet, but I expect something great to come out of the session. So thank you very much KhmerCeleb! It’s a brilliant idea to create such community for Cambodian celebrities and people.

[K'Celeb] - No, the Community is not only for me but ours. It’s the property of all Cambodians across the globe. And thank you again for giving us the details.

Source: K'Celeb


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