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Miss Landmine Cambodia 2009

By: Expat Advisory Staff - Via Press Release Posted: July-31-2009 in
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Expat Advisory Staff - Via Press Release

Press Release

The team and collaborators of the global Miss Landmine project and the staff of Meta House Gallery Phnom Penh are proud to announce the official world premiere of the Miss Landmine Cambodia 2009 and its accompanying exhibition, Miss Landmine Expo:

A photo exhibition and Landmine Survivor's Fashion magazine presenting 20 candidates aged 18-48, each representing her home province and competing for the title of Miss Landmine Cambodia 2009 and the first prize - a custom-made prosthetic leg. All of the candidates in Asia's first beauty pageant for landmine survivors will be attending the exhibition opening on Friday August 7, 6 p m in Meta House Gallery, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

After last year's much-publicized, celebrated and controversial crowning of the world's first Miss Landmine in Angola, South-West Africa, the project now moves on to another continent, culture and country equally troubled by a massive heritage of landmines left over from decades of civil war: Cambodia, South-East Asia.

The exhibition simultaneously marks the start of the voting process by which the winner of the contest will be chosen. Anyone is free to influence the outcome by voting for his or her favorite candidate via the project's website (Cambodia version operative from August 1). The winner will be crowned by a specially selected jury at a live stage event in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in early December. In the case of the web vote and the jury vote going to two different candidates, two winners will be chosen.

While keeping in mind H.E. Prime Minister's Hun Sen's ban on ordinary beauty pageants in Cambodia, which remains in force since 1993, the Cambodian government, represented by the Cambodian Mine Action Authority, the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Women's Affairs, remain firmly in support of the Miss Landmine project and recognize its special nature and mission.

The Miss Landmine project is created and directed by prominent Norwegian director and artist Morten Traavik and supported by Arts Council Norway and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

META HOUSE, founded in 2007, has not only established itself as a meeting place for artists and art lovers, but also as an intercultural and interdisciplinary networking platform for Cambodian-based artists, Cambodian artists living overseas and their international colleagues.
The META HOUSE makers firmly believe that contemporary art is a marker of development. The growth of expressive art forms is crucial to the development of any society, none more so than Cambodia where individuals are desperate for a voice. META HOUSE fosters an environment of self-expression and “critical thinking” and promotes art awareness and criticism.

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Great Site. Useful info. I will surely check back soon.

Thank you very much Sad. Jolanta.


An email from Meta House Dear

An email from Meta House

Dear Meta House Friends!
We are very sorry to announce that the MISS LANDMINE photo exhibition is cancelled according to the request of the Minister of Social Affairs. This is why Meta House will be closed this Friday evening only (the scheduled date of the opening).


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