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MaD Tuk Tuk Challenge - pimp your tuk tuk

By: Expat Advisory Staff Posted: September-22-2009 in
Pimp your Tuk Tuk
Expat Advisory Staff

GET READY to kick 2010 off with a TURBO adrenalin rush! How about a gruelling challenge set to keep your blood pumping for a whole 10 days!!

The MaD Tuk Tuk Challenge, set to commence on 20th Jan 2010, is a guaranteed adrenalin rush with a bonus for those forever searching for that perfect HIT!

Teams are expected to pimp up their Tuk Tuks to the max then take to the tracks of Cambodia, crossing 900 km of some of the most unexplored and extreme areas of South East Asia all in name of charity. The route will take the entourage through remote villages where they will set up camp and help communities where need be. This could be repairing a humble dwelling, refurbishing a water‐pump or carrying out some basic medical treatment. Whilst helping along the way, each team is also fundraising their Tuk Tuk through sponsorship and donations to reach a combined target of US250K in partnership with Mad Adventures Ltd.

Primary focus of the event is to raise enough funds to continue & expand on MaD’s work in Cambodia and to build & manage their up‐coming project in Zimbabwe, which now claims the highest number of orphans per capita in the world.

Teams from around the globe are converging on Siem Reap to take part in this unique event. So far participants registered are form U.K, Australia, France, Netherlands as well as a number of ex‐Zimbabweans, who were forced to leave their country due to political turmoil earlier this decade, are participating and helping organize this event.

Dare you take a peep, be warned the site could be hazardous OR inspiring!

For those not wired for the adrenalin others are choosing to participate in their own way. Fundraisers around the world are currently underway. A number of volunteers have come forward to offer a helping hand where they can. MaD Adventures hope to secure local sponsorship. It really is a global effort!

While many of us sit safely at home meaning to take part in something as positive as this, here lies a one‐off opportunity to do something good, challenge yourself, explore beautiful Cambodia, change a few lives and have a whole lot of fun doing it.

It doesn’t get much better than this. What’s more we ‐ HAVE A CHOICE!

For further information call or e‐mail: Phillip on +855 92 12 10 27 or visit


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