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The Exchange - Gangsta's paradise

By: Teej Posted: August-30-2014 in

The Exchange – Phnom Penh, St #47 Nr Wat Phnom

Situated in very close proximity to one of Phnom Penh’s more beautiful tourist spots; Wat Phnom - The Exchange is an ideal place to take a break from your sight-seeing expeditions, get some grub and relax.

From the outside, the building itself is rather impressive. In stark contrast to most bars and restaurants in Phnom Penh, this is architecturally very western and at first glance looks comparable to a Hollywood mansion.

Once inside, the vibe changes. It’s spacious, classically decorated with a modern feel, yet the intricate and beautiful brickwork help give it an almost 1930’s gangsta hangout feel. The 240 degree circular bar, situated centrally adds real character and heightens gently, the level of sophistication in a place that already oozes class.

The Menu offers a very generous selection of mostly western foods. I went for the Bacon and Brie Sandwich and fries. Reasonably priced? Certainly, but it was the quality of the food that struck a chord. “How good can a Bacon and Brie buttie be?” I can hear you ask… Well, this one was pretty damn good.

The bread lightly toasted with an olive oil glaze, stacked with fresh, crunchy salad which added a crisp freshness that takes a sandwich from ‘just ok’ to ‘absolutely boss’. As for the Bacon and the Brie – lets say they’re not shy when it comes to packing a sandwich full of delicious melted cheese and ‘baconie’ goodness. My recommendation – Get. On. That!

The selection of alcohol is substantial and includes extensive cocktail and wine lists which also offer champagne along with your usual White, Red and Rose selection. Ideal, especially with the dry season round the corner. One of the most enjoyable things in life is Saturday day time drinking sat outside in the sun – something else the Exchange caters for exceptionally, in the shape of a commodious outside area which offers a quite English feel to any afternoon festivities you may be partaking in.


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