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Cambodian Space Project have landed

By: invisibleagent Posted: October-01-2010 in

Invisible Agent hasn’t released on vinyl in a while, so naturally I get very excited when other people do. Such a fabulous format, carrying all that warm and rich analogue goodness.

I was a witness to music history in the making last night. Scott Bywater from the Cambodian Space Project, who I might add have just returned from a tour of France, handed me their shining new 7″ release. Packaged in a full colour fold out cover, it’s the first Cambodian vinyl release since 1975 and who better to have down on wax then the C.S.P crew. It was a joyous occasion as I slid the record out of it’s magnificent sleeve to discover a full colour double-sided picture disc. Cambodian Space Project don’t do things by half. Wow.

Released and distributed by Metal Postcard Hong Kong, they even included an Mp3 download code so you grab the release in digital format. They’re not just good-looking ya know.

The tunes are Cambodian & Western 60′s psychedelic rock and pop blasted in to 2010. It’s already a collector’s item in my eyes, I love it and so will you.

They’ve got the talent, they’ve got the tunes, they even have the vinyl to boot. Get some Cambodian Space Project goodness before they’re cleared for take off.

To find out where CSP are playing check out the Cambodia Gig Guide / Event listings

Invisible Agent was envisioned by Warren Daly and Donard McCabe at the turn of the millennium. Following this we created Invisibleagent on the 2nd of February 2000.


catch them tonigt @ Snowies

Saturday 2-Oct-2010 at 6:00PM ~ The Cambodian Space Project at Maxines (Snow's Bar)
across the Japanese bridge. It's $10 door tax.


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