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Buying books from abroad

By: Benj Street Posted: March-05-2011 in
Benj Street

A few weeks ago my wife discovered that there is a company doing free world-wide delivery of books to Phnom Penh, so we thought we’d try it out for my father-in-law’s birthday as he loves books. We contacted Abebooks first and they said “yes, no problem, and if the book doesn’t get there, let us know and we’ll send another one out to you”. So we took the plunge and a little over 10 days later in our PO box there was a rather battered Jiffy bag with the book in, one of the corners had been slightly damaged, but it didn’t affect it’s readability.

We have now ordered a few more and are just waiting for them to arrive. We had looked before at a company called and although they claim free world-wide delivery, many countries including Thailand, Cambodia and Tanzania are not included in their definition of world-wide. Now comes the strange part, although we ordered through , the package that arrived here was actually sent by


Here is a link to the site with the filter to search for any book that they offer the free worldwide deliver on. Happy reading.
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