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Sukasada Ing Rat Fragmentary Mesmerizes Tourists

By: Bali Travel News Posted: June-09-2011 in
Bali Travel News

Enchantment of Sukasada Ujung Park of Karangasem increasingly shows off its magnetism. Having been restored with the assistance of World Bank, the Sukasada Ujung Park has been considered successful to support a variety of spectacular events both in the regional and national level. Agenda of the official visits of a number of ministers have been successfully organized in the Panglila Cita Garden that was usually used by the King of Karangasem in hosting state guests of the past.

Today, the story on the exoticism aura of the Ujung Park along with the entire cultural potential is revived in a new entity of fragmentary creation dance entitled Sukasada Ing Rat. It is initiated and developed by the famous artist I Gede Adigunawan Gusman staged Wednesday (May 4) at the location. By taking the setting of adorable twilight and night time, the performance could mesmerize the tourists who were enjoying the beauty of Ujung Park. The initiator Gusman Adigunawan mentioned the staging of fragmentary with audiovisual setting of Sukasada Ujung Park, Karangasem, had been initiated since two years ago, but it could just be successfully realized at this time.

According to him, the fragmentary involved 40 artists and a dozen of candle lights above the pond throughout the park. On that account, it could generate enchanting vista for those enjoying them. The setting of exotic dance above the pond applied a raft medium named Tunjung Dance. It told the story about the charm of Ujung Water Park that captivated travelers with the magic splendor of lotus flowers. Stories with the core strength emphasized on the provision of pleasure and beauty were reflected from the beauty of the park and majesty of the architectural style used by the king to host banquets for foreign official guests accompanied with the performance of Legong Dance. A number of references consulted in composing the performance included the book Brief History of Karangasem, guidebooks published by Karangasem Government Tourism Office as well as discovered from resource persons from senior figures of Karangasem Royal Palace.

Head of Karangasem Government Tourism Office, I Wayan Purna, positively appreciated the performance of Sukasada Ing Rat fragmentary telling about the history of the King of Karangasem in building the Sukasada Ujung Park. With the presence of the dance medium could at once be a means of campaign for Sukasada Ujung Park as one of the leading tourist attractions in Karangasem other than Tirtagangga, Besakih, Candidasa and other objects. He invited all Karangasem artists to be more creative in composing more works of art related to the Karangasem cultural potential, so as to enhance the image of Karangasem highlighting the vision as the cultural-based development.

Source - Bali Travel News


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