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By: Private Homes and Villas Ltd. Posted: June-14-2011 in
Private Homes and Villas Ltd.

Private Homes & Villas was born out of frustration and two very grim holidays. I personally have found it extremely difficult to find decent and impartial information on villas to rent. As a result it has gone into ‘the too difficult tray’ and I have stayed in a hotel instead. Now in the absence of anything else we decided to do something about it.

Our firm belief is that the best recommendations come from people who have been there – tried the beds, sampled the food and been served by the staff. We at Private Homes & Villas do just that. Every villa on our website has been inspected by one of our staff, typically including an overnight stay (tough life I know!). The staff are seasoned villa experts having seen more villas than you or I could stay in for a lifetime.

Our aim is to tell you as we see it, so when you arrive for your dream holiday, you get what you were expecting and no hidden surprises. We pride ourselves on our complete independence – we have no vested interest in one villa to the next. We do have a vested interest in you agreeing with our reviews though because we would like you to use our services to book all your villas.

So what makes a great villa? Personally we prefer personality over pretension; friendliness and flexibility over facilities; and properties with originality, elegance and charm. We understand that service and staff are as important as the villa itself and hope this is reflected in our scores and comments. Nothing is perfect in this world so if there are areas we can improve do let us know.

We hope that we can take the hard work out of planning your next villa holiday.

For bookings and inquiries, visit us at Private Homes and Villas to receive instant updates on the newest villas on our collection. Click the Email signup tab to subscribe to our newsletter - 2nd issue with exciting content and exclusive features coming very soon!


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