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Review: Top Cat in the Alley

By: Charley Bolding-Smith Posted: January-26-2012 in
Charley Bolding-Smith

Part diner, part dive bar, joints like Alley Cat simply don’t exist elsewhere in Southeast Asia. The fact that they celebrated their sixth anniversary last year is significant in a town where bars close quicker than a speeding motodop. It’s a cafe with character – and characters. Step forward owner Mark Eastty and lugubrious front man Dallas, responsible for the trademark Top Cat mural and Tex-Mex desert landscape. They give the venue a sense of drama and permanence. The diner booths are wonderfully flexible – the largest can accommodate 10, or two sprawled flat-out at quiet times.

Naturae Cafe @ The 240

By: organicallytastyman Posted: January-19-2012 in

Many of the Phnom Penh venues frequented by a large number of expats have a tendency to multitask. Cafes come complete with a small craft boutique, restaurants have their own art gallery. The exemplar par excellence of this trend is The 240. Upstairs, it is a boutique hotel, downstairs there is a shop specialising in organic and ecologically friendly food and cleaning products, this blends seamlessly into a café area, ambling gently out into the bijoux, leafy, courtyard.

A Little Latin Spirit in Daunh Penh - The Latin Quarter

By: totallyrandomman Posted: January-17-2012 in

It is a striking sign of globalisation that an Englishman can eat South American cuisine in the heart of South East Asia. Yet here in Phnom Penh, you can dine out at The Latin Quarter on a mixture of dishes from all corners of Latin America, prepared by Khmer chefs (albeit under the watchful eye of the restaurant’s Uruguayan manager Diego). The colonial setting, and a heady pick’n’mix of Latin music styles streaming out of the PA system, transport you thousands of miles away, to the far barrios of Buenos Aires, Bogota, Montevideo and Havana.

Brasserie du Port – A rich, buttery taste of the South of France

By: Totallyrandomman Posted: December-27-2011 in

Brasserie du Port – A rich, buttery taste of the South of France
For a long time, the area around the Night Market was like a frontier country for the average ex-pat, A border land beyond which lay uncharted territory and signs which read ‘Here Be Monsters…And No Nice Restaurants!’.

Xayoh Grillhouse brings steak culture to the capital

By: Thomas Wanhoff Posted: December-13-2011 in
Thomas Wanhoff

Xayoh Grillhouse started as the first grillhouse in town. Copying the concepts of american steakhouses, it offers steaks and burgers. Recently added was a superburger. But to be honest: there are better places for steaks. Althought they may try heir best, staff has not much clue about what they serve, the baked tomatoes look disgusting, and the overall presentation is poor.

Chow @ The Quay Hotel - An Asiatic Taste of Spain

By: totallyrandomman Posted: December-09-2011 in

The entrance to Chow is a large glass frontage, facing out onto the riverfront, supported by what looks like the back of a Boeing 747 plane. This leads into a post-modern, chic atmosphere, with gently contoured shapes contrasting with clear, straight lines, geometric patterns and metallic sheen. So we have smoothly curving, orchid-shaped chairs, playing off against a long, sleek, distinctly Asian looking bar.

Sophy's - Northern Khmer Cooking with a Long Beach Sensibility

By: totallyrandomman Posted: November-22-2011 in

Sophy's granny taught her to cook rice at the age of nine, because, if she couldn’t cook, how on earth would she ever get a good husband. Her granny’s efforts both succeeded and failed. Thiry odd years later, she is still contentedly unmarried, having not yet snared that elusive husband her granny so coveted, but she has been the chef and proprietor of a highly successful Cambodian restaurant in Long Beach, Califronia for over ten years.

Now she has decided to chance her arm, after 15 years or so of her brother’s persistent prodding, at opening a restaurant in the motherland .

Cadillac Restaurant - Easy Ridin'

By: Roland Scarlett Posted: November-05-2011 in
Roland Scarlett

Cadillac’s comfortable chairs and laughs spill out onto the riverfront pavement to let you know this is the sort of place to go for an unpretentious, good quality meal. Inside, a mostly American and Australian crowd sit for beers, chow down on home-comfort food, or watch sports on one of the two TVs positioned above the bar. The quirky décor mixes well with the chipper music selection to create a feeling of easy-going homeliness.

Viva Mexican cafe opens in Phnom Penh

By: Anthony Galloway Posted: November-03-2011 in
Anthony Galloway

Mexican fare is not normally my first food of choice, however when one of our members tipped me off that Viva had opened in Phnom Penh, my tastes buds started screaming for Quesadillas.

It was last June that I had originally tasted Viva's great food on a trip to Siem Reap and on hearing that they had opened in Phnom Penh, there was no point in fighting the urge.

Setsara - 278s Thai Tongue Tingler

By: totallyrandomman Posted: October-11-2011 in

In recent years, the stretch of street 278 lying between 51 and 63 has become something of an expat haven; a tightly packed corridor of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, cafés, craft shops and music stores. Not as only-child-in-a-strop, hey-look-at-me-look-at-me brash as the riverfront, it has a slightly more low key charm all of its own.

A keystone of the 278 scene is Setsara, the Thai restaurant sister to Equinox’s bolshy, rock'n'roll tavern, older brother.


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