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The city’s top 30 dining deals for budget gourmands

By: Post 7 Days Posted: August-21-2013 in
Post 7 Days

With slurp-worthy noodles on every corner, top-notch international chefs, and late-night dining aplenty, Phnom Penh is a city for foodies – you just have to know where to look. Whether you’re an adventurous diner, a fried-food fanatic, or a pauper with expensive tastes, we’ve got 30 of the city’s best dishes for your budget.

The Incredible Rarity of Being Common

By: Darren Gall Posted: August-02-2013 in
Darren Gall

Passion is the mob of the man that commits a riot upon his reason.
~ William Penn ~

The Common Tiger restaurant in new Phnom Penh dining precinct, Street 294 is anything but common, love stories rarely are.

Elegantly Wasted - the St Regis Bangkok Wine Buffet

By: Foodie Farang Posted: July-31-2013 in
Foodie Farang

There are few things we Brits enjoy more than an all-you-can-eat buffet. Even for those of us born long after the end of World War 2, the spectre of rationing remains as a terrifying vestigial folk memory, and those of us who grew up listening to our grandparents telling frightening tales of queuing up for whale meat & powdered egg go slightly giddy when presented with a groaning counter of meat, seafood & dessert & invited to eat our fill.

The Whole Duck

By: Darren Gall Posted: July-31-2013 in
Darren Gall

Last year, Villa Maria Estate celebrated its 50th vintage; its first vintage, back in 1962 was off a single acre of grapes, vinified in a small shed in suburban Auckland.

Pala Pizza – A Diamond Amongst Dogs

By: The Farang Foodie Posted: May-03-2013 in
The Farang Foodie

Going for pizza in Asia is like buying new David Bowie albums – you remember how good it’s been in the past, and you really want it to be good this time, but you know in your heart of hearts that disappointment is the only likely outcome. You wander in whistling Heroes or Life on Mars, you shuffle out humming Hello Spaceboy.

Shelling Out in Saigon

By: Tim Russell Posted: January-08-2013 in
Tim Russell

Luxury travel isn’t just about travelling by private jet/limo or staying in 5* hotels, though that is of course part of it. What’s equally important is enjoying unique, authentic experiences and really getting under the skin of a destination, and seeing things that most tourists miss. That’s why many of our clients like to give expensive upscale restaurants a miss every now & then, and enjoy Asian food the way the locals do – on the street.


By: Tim Russell Posted: January-08-2013 in
Tim Russell

British cuisine may have a reputation (undeserved) for blandness, but we Brits are addicted to spicy food. Indian restaurants now outnumber fish & chip shops, and whilst they may owe their original popularity to being the only places you could get a drink back in the dark days when the pubs closed at 10.30pm, they are now loved for their spicy cuisine as much as for their exploitation of loopholes in the licensing laws.

Dish: Breakfasts first kingdom

By: The Advisor Posted: September-29-2012 in
The Advisor

Breakfast: the most important meal of the day. But in the Kingdom of Wonder breakfast can often leave you wondering; when born and bred Phnom Penhites eat their first meal of the day they appear, to expat eyes, to be erroneously chowing down on their evening meal. Rice, noodles, mystery meats – a morning mash-up confusing enough to send even the most adventurous scurrying for the comfortable familiarity of one of the city’s numerous Western coffee shops. A caramel latte, a pain au chocolat, a bit of toast and jam: now that’s breakfast. It will also cost you about $10, thank you very much.

Flour power in the heart of Phnom Penh

By: Gabi Yetter Posted: May-22-2012 in
Gabi Yetter

When I think of Cambodian dessert, I don’t think of cake.

I think of mango. Or sticky rice. Or fried banana nuggets.

But I’ve recently discovered there’s a huge market in this part of the world for cake.

Here are a couple of stats that may surprise you. One of the larger hotels in Phnom Penh sells about $1,500 worth of cake daily. And Bloom, the wonderful cake store and café, which opened its doors this February on Street 222, sells between 120 and 500 cupcakes every day!

Restaurant review: Jammy Suki Soup

By: Conrad Keely Posted: April-05-2012 in
Conrad Keely

Do you like eating hot pots? Do you like local barbecue? Well if yes, then obviously this Cambodian tradition was invented with you in mind.

Now I suppose I'm a newcomer here, so these novelty dining experiences continue to excite me. Then again I've had other friends of mine who have admitted that they somehow feel "cheated" by having to cook their own food at a restaurant. That to me seems odd: sometimes I'm so furious at the way a restaurant messes up a dish I would be delighted at the opportunity to step into the kitchen and show them how to do it properly.


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