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Jones Lang LaSalle tapped to manage Vattanac Capital

By: Property Report Posted: September-15-2011 in
Property Report

Vattanac Properties Ltd, a leading property development company in Cambodia, has appointed Jones Lang LaSalle as property management consultants for Vattanac Capital, a mixed-use commercial development in Phnom Penh. Jones Lang LaSalle will provide property management consultancy, client representation and operations management services for the property.

The Theory of Rent

By: The Word HCMC Posted: November-03-2010 in
The Word HCMC

Asking what makes some districts more desirable to live in than others is like asking why red sportcars are more popular than pick-up trucks. It’s obvious, isn’t it? Jeremy King explains

Have you ever wondered why we live where we live? You may have thought that developers use a ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ approach to choosing the next residential hub, or that, like a flock of sheep, we see one person moving to a desirable looking area in pastures new and get this overwhelming urge to follow. You may be surprised to learn then that there is, in fact, an anthropological reason behind where we reside. There’s even a scientific formula to explain it.

Take Me Home: Renting in Cambodia

By: BNG Legal Posted: June-28-2010 in
BNG Legal

If you plan on staying in Cambodia for more than a few months, you will probably want to rent a place to call your own. This is particularly true for foreigners, who cannot easily own land.

As in any country, it is imperative that the parties put down their agreement in a properly signed, valid contract. Without one, you could end up paying more in rent than agreed, find someone else sharing your living room, or even out on the street. With the advice in this guide, patience, and common sense, you should be comfortably settled into your new home.

Stylish living at Signa

By: Exlore PH Posted: May-10-2010 in
Exlore PH

The first designer residence in the Philippines
Signa, of Hebrew origin, means sign or symbol. In this case, it may also be short for signature as this residential property boasts of a distinct aesthetic design courtesy of three world-renowned designers – furniture and interior designer Budji Layug, architect Royal Pineda, and award-winning industrial designer Kenneth Cobonpue.

Real estate rental market update – December 2009

By: Perfect Places Posted: November-25-2009 in
Perfect Places

Having viewed a huge amount of properties over the last few months, Perfect Places thought it might be a good time to give you a heads up on what is happening out in Rental Land.

The general news is very good. The ball is mostly in your court as rents have come down , vacant rental properties have gone up and the light has gone on for many Khmer Landlords…finally !

Moves to protect Perth's heritage

By: ABC News Posted: August-06-2009 in
ABC News

The City of Perth has declared part of the city a conservation area, restricting future development.

Councilors voted last night to declare Barrack Street a conservation area from south of Hay Street through to Wellington Street.

The declaration includes some properties east of Murray Street.

The heritage value of the area, including significant buildings such as the Yates Chambers and McNess Royal and Bon Marche Arcades, will be protected.

It will limit future development of buildings in the area and maintain the historical component of the district.

Cambodia approves sub-decree of co-ownership regulations

By: Li Shuncheng Posted: August-03-2009 in
Li Shuncheng

PHNOM PENH, July 31 (Xinhua) -- Cambodia's Council of Ministers on Friday approved a sub-decree of new co-ownership regulations, allowing legal ownership of individual apartments or condominium ownership, which paves the way for a law allowing foreign ownership of some property.

The new co-ownership regulations will make it possible to own units within a larger building without having title to the land it's on, according to the press release from the weekly meeting of the Council of Ministers which was presided over by Prime Minister Hun Sen.

A chance for builders to employ best practices

By: Daniel Parkes Posted: October-25-2008 in
Daniel Parkes

Phnom Penh’s skyline continues to be transformed by new office towers, dual-use developments and apartment blocks. There is no doubt the construction sector is on the way up but, as the industry is in its infancy, it is interesting to note what standards exist to regulate development, and how do they compare with practices in the developed world.

Development projects cause land price buzz in Kampot

By: Nguon Sovan The Mekong Times Posted: March-18-2008 in
Nguon Sovan The Mekong Times

Recent development projects in Kampot including an international seaport, a luxury resort on Bokor mountain and a restoration of the road linking the province to Phnom Penh have caused local land prices to soar.

According to a recent report from the Council for the Development of Cambodia, a US$15 million, 145-hectare Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is also being readied in Kampot, which will begin operation as soon as work begins on the US$4 million, 1,000 hectare seaport - hoped to be complete by 2013.


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